From My Best Photos Folder

I’ve pulled these photos down from my cloud storage because honestly, I have zero new photography for the blog but I think you will like these older photos. They are both in the old size I used which is 1024×683. The new size used is 1500×1000 if the image comes from the Nikon.

The iPhone photos are almost the same at 1500×844. Hence these photos are a bit small.

26 thoughts on “From My Best Photos Folder

  1. This comment will be third one! Because my comments are going to disappear… These photographs are great dear John, Thank you, Love, nia (pls don’t disappear again!)

    • Hi Belinda, thank you so much! These photos are among some of the best I’ve captured. Thanks for stopping by. ☺️

    • Thanks very much, Rudi!! I was thinking earlier this eve that I should have a drive out of the city if showers are forecast. Photo ops!

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