The Birds Love The Bath!

My new birdbath has been in the backyard for about three weeks now and the air traffic around it has been steadily growing. I can’t see the bath because my living room doesn’t look that way, but I see it when I’m in the bedroom often enough. The Northern Mockingbirds seem to favor it more than other birds like little finches and sparrows but it’s a public airport, any specie can land at will!

18 thoughts on “The Birds Love The Bath!

  1. Which reminds me, I need to check the water in mine. I can’t see it at all due to the shrubbery between here and where it is but that’s fine. As long as there is water for the birds.

    • I’m happy to help, Rebecca! I have to add water in the morning and early afternoon every day due to the high rate of evaporation.

    • Thank you! I am going to clean the glass on my bedroom door so the dirt won’t show up in the photos. The 200mm lens doesn’t get in as close as I would like for getting decent photos but it works. Going outside, they will see me come around the corner of the house which may scare them off. Bummer!

    • Thanks so much, AnneMarie! My 200mm lens doesn’t reach out as far as I’d like to get photos, nothing I can do about that. I just love watching them land and then take a few drinks! The water is changed every other day to keep it fresh as possible.

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