A Bloody Hot Forecast!

Wow man, I love our hot summer days in Las Vegas, but this is just too hot for humans! I have actually been isolating myself at home in the wonderful air conditioning the last few days. I went to the party store a while ago and back home but noticed that there are two men just outside the main gate that are repairing the stones that were damaged by some dopey driver. I stopped to ask them how the heck they can work in the heat. They really didn’t seem to be stressing over the heat! I don’t want to drive any further than needed to not damage my truck engine, I believe that this is a real concern. Welcome to the Mojave Desert!

18 thoughts on “A Bloody Hot Forecast!

    • I have been hiding in the house, it’s way too much for me out there for more than five minutes. It’s like this for about 4 months per year.

    • Way too hot indeed, but this is about 4 months of the year. 86 isn’t remotely close to getting a heat warning here! Stay safe, be cool!

  1. This is a mad weather… It is coming here too this heat wave… Be indoor and drink lots of water… Have a nice day and weekend dear John, Thank you, Love, nia

  2. It seems that the heat has left you trapped in your own (thankfully comfortable) home…. Not exactly the most uplifting summer thought….

    • I suppose that I am trapped in some sense, but fully mobile with a truck that has working AC! I don’t feel trapped at all, Anne.

    • That’s a very good question that I can’t answer – I just checked, the city has “cooling stations” around the city for the homeless to come to, wonderful!

  3. It could be, and I am just guessing, but maybe they have some of those cooling shirts. Some I have seen advertised the more you sweat, the cooler they will keep the wearer. I have actually contemplated purchasing at least one for my son to see if they actually work. Temps here are predicted to head up in the upper nineties close to one hundred which is not what we usually face. Add the humidity and its miserable.

    • I have never heard of this shirt. Near 100 with your humidity is so terrible! Please, stay indoors and take a shower to stay cooler. Keep an eye on your folks! ❤️

  4. The hottest I ever experienced was 127 F. in Morocco in July a long, long time ago. I never want to be that hot again. Just think of all the power the country would save if people only lived in places where there were tolerable temperatures.

    • Insane is a great word to describe our summer heat! I’ll wait until autumn comes to ride again, otherwise I will turn into a burnt, blackened hotdog on a bike! 😂

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