Chicken Soup Mash

Or, mashed-up chicken soup, doesn’t look particularly enticing but it’s actually very delicious sans the wrong noodles which lay flat and really should have been left out of the soup. The store didn’t have the regular noodles I use. Did I mention that this was a delicious breakfast this morning? Sunshine and 113 degrees are up for the city today, and supposedly 115 degrees will roll into the valley tomorrow. Wow!! Vegas had two or three days of 115-degree heat last summer. I thank God above for the new heating and cooling system my home has had since last summer, it works incredibly well. Are you getting scorched too?

It tastes much better than it looks!

9 thoughts on “Chicken Soup Mash

    • It is yum! I have been hiding in the house lately because of the heat, Pooja, and don’t really want to take a joy ride in the truck either because of the heat putting more stress on the engine. It’s 73 degrees in the house, and 108 outside just now. Wow!

  1. Looks so delicious and so appetizing. I am glad that you installed a new cooling/heating system last summer, John. This summer my old air conditioner of 27 years was replaced also. It’s hot in Utah this summer…

    • Thank you, Kaya! It really is so good. The new heating and cooling system is fantastic, it was well over 100 yesterday, but still a cool 73 degrees inside!

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