Lines Of Colors

Here are some older images from 2019, I hope you like them. I am relying on my older work for content lately because I simply don’t want to run my truck’s engine in this heat. Yes, it can handle the job but why put the added pressure on the engine when I really don’t need to, except for a quick ride to the store once per day. It’s amazing that several weeks ago I was riding my eBike and had to put an extra layer on top and gloves on my hands! This heatwave is stronger than the others have been since I moved here in 2013.

I love the green streaks and that stormy sky…

12 thoughts on “Lines Of Colors

  1. I love the green skies! I know you all up there are enduring part of this heat wave we’re having, and it’s absolutely no fun. They said we’ll get a break maybe Tuesday when the high will be a possibly cool 98. We’ve been triple digits for over 20+ days now. I’m sure you have been, too!

  2. Usually I’m not a fan of clouds because it means more rain and usually that’s in the winter, but sometimes clouds can make the most interesting sky and add real drama to the weather. You’ve captured that here.

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