Neighborhood Stray Takes A Break

I took this photo with the Nikon a few days ago, I obviously forgot about this cute cat that I’ve seen around my home for over one year now. It’s been in my backyard, in front of the house many times and on top of the block walls (fences) frequently. It must have a home base that it goes home to every night I hope, it’s a beautiful cat, isn’t it! It was on my neighbor’s truck.

16 thoughts on “Neighborhood Stray Takes A Break

  1. This was the most beautiful post that I made a comment but all my comments gone… I hope this one not to disappear!

  2. WOW! At first time I see a cat in your photographs!!! Yihuuuuu. I loved so much, so lovely and beautiful, Thank you dear John, Love, nia

    • Hi Pooja! I hope you and yours are well. He or she is a beautiful cat and looks healthy but I have no idea if the cat has a home in my neighborhood or an adjacent one. Poor baby, the heatwave continues here too with 113F forecast for today.

        • Kitty looks healthy, so I can only guess that it is being fed by someone daily, whether it has a home I have no idea but it’s always walking around!

          • It also looks quite clean so it may be someones. Most of the stray cats are a bit more dirty. Either way glad it looks healthy!

          • I hope has a home… Thank you dear John, I think it is the first time I see a cat photo in your blog, loved so much. Love, nia

  3. Whoever owns it must wonder where it is. You’d think they’d come looking for it. I’d be upset if I didn’t know where my pets were. Such a pretty thing. Maybe you need to adopt it.

    • I have never seen anyone wandering around looking and asking about a cat in my neighborhood sadly. It is a very pretty cat, I can’t tell if it has a collar on. I have tried to call the cat to me but it never gets close. Poor baby!

    • Thank you, AnneMarie, I wish I knew where this cutie lives. Our heatwave is certainly not going to help any animals here. 😭

    • Yeah, he or she is a beauty! It does look very healthy too and I hope you are right, Rebecca. I have tried to get close to the cat but it won’t let me.

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