This Place Is Cookin’!!

Whoa! I received a text from a neighbor a couple of streets over from me in my neighborhood yesterday about helping her with her yard. I walked down there this morning and we did what we could with our leaf blowers but it wasn’t enough, she needs more help.

By the time I got back home, I was wringing wet with sweat and feeling a bit weak. I’m fine now but wow, that was a pain in the ass! And, today the forecast is for 113 degrees, wow! The photo is not new and is of Frenchman Mountain located all the way across the valley on the east side. Stay cool, people!

8 thoughts on “This Place Is Cookin’!!

    • It’s crazy how this heatwave seems to have circled the entire planet. Not cool at all! No pun intended…

    • Oh gosh, I wish there were an albeit tiny pool in my little backyard, Anneli! I almost felt a little bit ill when I got home. I slammed a full bottle of ice cold water from the refrigerator and sat under the fan and AC duct for about fifteen minutes then felt much better. That heat is so dangerous and I knew it! 🔥

    • Thank you, Derrick. I have been spending much more time in the house since this started and am amazed at hot hot the UK has been, that’s just not normal for you guys! You and Jackie need to be safe!

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