Apartment Life 2016

Welcome to my life in 2016, directly after the third and final divorce. I left Michigan for Las Vegas and had lived in a wonderful home that we purchased together, then it was all gone which left me in this tiny, overpriced one-bedroom apartment. Yeah, I am guilty too, I did my share of screwing things up.

I got the crappy Nissan car and some furniture. She took most of the furniture, our $40,000 Buick, the dog, and more. Do you see why I have chosen to remain single indefinitely? It’s the only way left that I can have a normal life now, three rotten marriages have left me bitter and alone.

Some folks should never marry, and I am one of them! Ahhh but life today is far better and much more positive. It’s good to be a single man again and in one hundred percent control of my life. Sorry for the rant.

Partly cloudy and 104 degrees are on tap for today, much better than 113 the other day, and a more normal summer temperature for the valley.

11 thoughts on “Apartment Life 2016

  1. Sorry to hear that you haven’t had the best experiences (or rather outcomes) with marriage, but it seems like you’ve learned a lot about yourself and what makes you happy in the process.

    • I’ve never used a backpack if I recall correctly, that apartment was cool in summer, warm in winter so it wasn’t a complete loss I guess…

  2. It may have been tiny but we do what we have to. I’m with you on remaining single, I have 2 failed marriages and not looking for another!

    • Yep, that was all that I could barely afford at the time. I applaud your choice to remain single, K, it’s not worth the heartache and financial devastation is it. It’s too bad that we can’t toast each other with a beer to singleness! 😂🍻

    • That’s right! Sorry for the rant, I didn’t intent that but the photos got me cranked up… 🤪

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