Summer Cicadas

It’s a sultry night here tonight in the valley, the humidity is much higher (for Las Vegas) than usual and I do like it. The video is from the Nikon Z50 body which is not my usual way to capture any video but it works nicely. The photo with the very low sunset on the horizon was from two days ago. The other is from tonight.

8 thoughts on “Summer Cicadas

  1. I love(d) the lights in the garden and beautiful moments you did in this video. My favorite one is second photograph, the Sun colours amazing… Thank you dear John, Love, nia

    • Your humidity must be very high at your home, Derrick since you aren’t far from the ocean. The humidity here this morning is 37% which is high for here, but our Monsoon Season is underway. May get some rain today which is wonderful!

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