15 thoughts on “Stationary Rain

  1. I love this photo a lot! It’s a very creative, John! Two days ago we had a very short rain and it was so nice.

    • Thank you, Kaya! The entire south portion of the west cost needs rain so badly, meanwhile, the east coast is being drown.

    • Unfortunately, all my place got was a few sprinkles. My big concern is getting the water into Lake Mead which is incredibly low. Scary.

  2. We had a storm roll in yesterday afternoon. At just after five it got so dark my solar lights came on. We got a really nice rain from it, but thankfully not one that had me worried over the drain under the house. I know that your side of the country could really use the rain we received, so I hope the system you were watching gifted you with at least some rain.

    • Some areas of the valley got it good with flash flood warnings, but all I got at my place were sprinkles. My big concern is Lake Mead which is terribly low on water. That’s a darn dark storm to make your lights come on! There is a big drain right under your house?

    • Thank you, Tone! I saw that sky and had to get the photo because of the contrast between the clouds and palm trees. The entire southwest of the country has been in a years-long drought. Lake Mead is our water source and is extremely low now yet the city continues to grow. This is a bad situation!

      • I saw a show some time ago now on LV water supply and canals – interesting ingenuity to make an inhospitable area habitable by so many!

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