13 thoughts on “Those Who Live Here, Those Who Don’t…

    • I do feel bad for those poor tourists, but yesterday and today have been much cooler in the 90s with monsoon rains falling. Yay! I kow too well about the ice and snow… Interesting thing happened when I called my dad today. He and my son are at a car show in the downtown area of my hometown. That makes me wish I were there, but not enough to move back to those bitter winters…

        • really, I didn’t know heat can make it difficult to breathe unless it’s right over a fire. It’s only in the 90s today, feels great! The AC runs less too which is a money saver. The only thing I miss up there are my kids dad and sister, and riding snowmobiles!

          • Any extreme weather makes it difficult for me to breathe. Thank goodness for modern technology – family is only a Zoom call away. Not quite the same but it’s better than being totally shut off from family.

  1. We are cooling also and will not have 100 degrees for a few days. Are you in severe drought this summer also? We are and don’t know when it will be over.

    • Oh yes, the drought has been going on down here for years now. We are in Monsoon Season now, flash floods are happening in Vegas and in Arizona too. We need the rain so badly!

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