8 thoughts on “G’ Night!

  1. Is Las Vegas or any of Nevada under any kind of water use restrictions, like no irrigation of lawns, no carwash and/or things like that? It’s crazy reading about all the bodies, boats, cars and things showing up as Lake Mead pool elevation keeps dropping!

    • It’s a sad situation with the water, then add the stuff you mention. And I suspect more things will come back to the light too. The water authority tells us not to water lawns on certain days, and there are people driving around the city looking for water violations. Yet, the golf courses still use so much water?

      • Yea, all those hundreds of thousands of gallons going to make a damn golf course green? Something not quite right there with the existing crisis…

        • These courses need to severely reduce water use, it’s ridiculous and not fair to the residents of the valley.

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