I Didn’t Do It!!

This was weird. I came around the front of my home heading for the mailbox and boom, two Metro officers were having a chat out front. This is the second time in three years that I have seen our wonderful police in my neighborhood. I heard nothing or saw anything out of place so I have no idea why they were in here.

As usual, I gave the officers a thumbs up. They are the good guys, and I am very thankful for them! This leads me to say that these calls to “defund the police” really crank me off to be polite about this.

Those who call for such a thing are in my mind, nothing less than anarchists that want to tear my country apart like rabid animals. If these animals are so unhappy here, there are other options available such as China and North Korea. That is un-American activity to me! Thanks for hearing me out.

I used the Nikon Z50 and the 200mm lens through the kitchen window for this photo.

10 thoughts on “I Didn’t Do It!!

    • We have the same bullshit man, hooligans, petty thieves, car thieves and killers with guns. The list goes on. I know your guns are gone except for the police though. I watch a show called UK PD or something like that on BBC America on Sundays. These officers are chasing freaks driving like maniacs through neighborhoods, they are busting drug rings that are selling crack cocaine and more. It’s just the same crap, Richard. Your officers need to start carrying pistols again, a .40 caliber is a fine choice.

  1. We live in an apartment complex, which has been a safe and enjoyable place to reside. A couple of nights ago, an incident occurred and the police were here in full force. Seems there was only one person involved and was being attended to by medics. We don’t really know what happened but I’m always impressed by the promptness and courtesy of our local police.

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