Lightning Storm

This very windy, wet, and electric storm moved slowly from north to south late last night. I had seen some lightning earlier from the bedroom but didn’t think that it was heading my way until maybe ten minutes later. I tried to capture some lightning bolts but never got a good shot of one so out comes the iPhone for this video. The rain kept falling for around twenty minutes which was so nice!

22 thoughts on “Lightning Storm

  1. Video works in Tasmania John 🙂 That looks intense!! I look forward to hopefully seeing some shots from you of the dessert springing to life after the rain has passed 😀 I hope you and your home survive unscathed.

    • Your welcome, Rudi, I am glad that you could view too because a blogger in the UK could not. I have no idea why as the video is set to be Private.

    • That sucks, I’m sorry about this, Richard. I follow another UK blogger, he can’t see them either and yet I have the video set to Public! No idea why… Also, I have never thought of the UK as being a part of Europe simply because it’s an island.

  2. Pretty unusual to get a storm like that this time of year I think. Here we would call that ‘sheet’ lightening. where you don’t actually see the bolts.

    • Actually, this is the exact time of year we should be getting these storms, it’s called Monsoon Season down here. The moisture moves north from Mexico up the Baja Peninsula and the ocean. It makes it’s way to New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada which brings the badly needed rain. That storm last night was wild though, the lightning was awesome! 😂👍🏻

    • It was a beautiful thing man! I stayed out there as long as I could before the rain became too heavy, the lightning was getting closer too so inside I go before I get electrocuted!

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