Windblown Rain and Other Stuff

Here’s another video from last night, note how the rain is blowing sideways just above the pavement in what looks like little sheets of rain. That was a hell of a storm! Say hey to Wilson, he loves living in my backyard! I thought the white cylinder cloud sticking up was kind of cool, and the last photo is just the top of my table with grunge stuck to it. Boring photo. My truck had a professional detailing this afternoon and looks incredibly gorgeous for a seven-year-old truck! No photo. I still need to clean the engine though.

6 thoughts on “Windblown Rain and Other Stuff

  1. Wow, that is some rain storm! I like the light on those big billowing clouds, I’m not so sure I’d want to be under them 😉 Stay safe John.

    • I love to watch for fun cloud formations, they are so random and sometimes beautiful. I think I mentioned that Wilson had a good cleaning several weeks ago. He looks less sun-scorched now. He thanked me afterward too. Really!

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