A Sweaty Pruning

My backyard Mediterranean Fan Palm was well overdue for a good pruning so I hit it very early this morning before the real heat of the day arrives. I can see in the completed photo that I missed a couple of fronds, I’ll get them later today. The humidity is so much higher the last week or so with the arrival of the monsoon season that I and others want it to go away! We are used to a very dry climate with 50 percent or less humidity. Today’s high temperature will be just 93 degrees which is nice. How is your humidity?

10 thoughts on “A Sweaty Pruning

    • Thanks, there are a few more to cut off that I missed. I have the same tree out front of the house but’s probably been there since the house was built 26 years ago. I prune that one too. Nothing but sprinkles over here, no TV warnings but I can hear the storms by tuning the radio to the AM broadcast band. The lightning strikes are loud.

    • I can ask him, but he probably won’t want to do the job. He never does anything! Lazy… It’s sprinkling now.

  1. Good looking little plant, John. I don’t know what our humidity is but after yesterday’s heat and rain, I am pretty sure we have more mosquitoes than air. 🦟🦟🦟

    • Oh my gosh, I despise mosquitoes! They can’t live here easily because of the lack of standing water, yay! That tree has been there three years and has doubles it’s size, they don’t grow very fast. I still need to prune it a tiny bit.

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