21 thoughts on “Sunny Day to Cloudy Day

      • I mean that crime and murder is happening everywhere and a lot more frequently then when I was young. It’s just a sad day and age, now.

        • Oh, and it will get worse as we know from the Bible. Makes me wonder why people have babies today. I know that sounds terrible, but what kind of world are we leaving them?

    • I wish! It needs so much more to fill it back up. It hasn’t been at full pond for decades. 😪

        • I hope so, looking at my recent photos of the lake can’t fully show you how low the lake really is. And, another body was found a few days ago. So sad, so sickening to treat human life like rubbish.

            • Agreed. This is a weird place to live in terms of people, but the climate and desert are what keep me here. The snow stays in the mountais around the city where it belongs! I just don’t see how some people have zero respect for the lives of other people, that’s evil!

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