Electric Cars Suck, Part Two

Once again, I am on about these stupid cars. These cartoons are certainly not mine, I have no copyright. That said, they are a great example of the hypocrisy that is the electric car industry. I believe that gradually, the American public is figuring out what a lie these cars are, and how their government has deceived them. I grew up in the auto industry and remember a time when consumers were not lied to about their petrol-powered cars. I have a few more cartoons to upload at some point.

4 thoughts on “Electric Cars Suck, Part Two

  1. John, I read that recently Toyota was recalling 2,700 electric SUV over faulty wheels. I am very skeptical about electric cars.

    • Hey that’s great news that they are recalling cars! I despise Toyota! Recalls are nothing new in the auto industry, I used to work in the family dealership. When there was a recall for certain parts, I was the guy who offloaded them from the big trucks from General Motors and stocked them where they needed to go in the parts department. I have a recall on my 2015 truck at the moment, and am waiting for the GM dealer to call me when the replacement item is in stock.

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