The Las Vegas Strip With Distant Thunderstorm

Taking a quick ride to the store this afternoon, I stopped by my favorite place to photograph the strip. The thunderstorm beyond was causing flash flooding in Searchlight which is well south of Las Vegas on the 95 freeway. The storm was moving north, I haven’t had a flash flood warning for my area of the valley yet. I used the Nikkor 200mm lens on the NikonZ50 body.

12 thoughts on “The Las Vegas Strip With Distant Thunderstorm

  1. Good to hear you haven’t had any flash flooding! We had a hard downpour last night with lots of lightening and thunder. Storms are one thing that don’t bother Molly a bit.

    • that cell went by to my east, heading north, bye. There are tons of beautiful stormy clouds though, will be looking for a good sunset photo in a bit. I’m glad the storms don’t bother Molly. We had a Standard Poodle when I was a kid named Candy. She was deathly afraid of storms and fireworks, Poor baby.

      • Molly is terrified of big trucks, fireworks, and most sudden noises. It is strange that storms don’t bother her at all. Poor Candy! She mustn’t have been a fan of the Forth of July!

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