On The 215 For Downtown Summerlin

Just a few more photos from the other day when I drove down there for some items at the Apple store. It’s currently 90 degrees and sprinkling, we need much more rain than that!

6 thoughts on “On The 215 For Downtown Summerlin

  1. You seem to be very keen on traffic lights in Las Vegas! We have no traffic lights in Banff. We do have a pedestrian crossing however – and that has stop/go lights. But then, the population of Banff is just 4,000 people. I see Las Vegas has a population approaching 3 million. No wonder you need all those traffic lights!!!

    • Yes, there are well over 2 million of us in this 20×30 valley, traffic lights are everywhere and frankly they piss me off. Go 1/3 mile, boom! Stopped again. Traffic and the rude people here are the things that make living here hard at times, but they won’t drive me out!

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