I Took A Hot Ride Yesterday

And, I needed a damn shower afterwards! Today is even cooler than yesterday being in the 80s but it’s the humidity that gets me sweating hard so I’ll pass on riding today but it was a nice, quick three-mile ride. The other photos are from 2019. Have a great Friday and weekend, friends!

22 thoughts on “I Took A Hot Ride Yesterday

  1. Brave. But good for you for getting out there despite the heat and humidity. We’re currently in Florence, Italy where the temperature is 39C/102F. I have no idea how you deal with this kind of heat on the regular!

    • Wow, have a great time in Italy!! I just put the bike in the living room and called it good,,, Until the humidity drops I’ll likely not ride. Believe it or not, should you pass a city park you could see children and families using the swings amd more! I guess it’s all about acclimation.

      • Thanks!! So far we’ve been having a fabulous time in Italy and are enjoying the food (and the wine). The heat is killer though. Oh wow. We have not quite acclimatized.

  2. same in here too… soon I will be a fish because of the humidity!!! Stay indoors… and in safe. Thank you, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

    • Thanks, mid to late September should see the temps and humidity drop sharply. Yay! I like the summer heat but it does get old after several weeks. Last winter, I was wearing a sweater and light jacket, gloves and long pants to stay warm, but a daily ride was doable.

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