Into The Mountains, 2018

This morning I dug up some older photos of a ride into the Spring Mountains on Kyle Canyon Road. When you leave the 95 freeway, it is around 20 miles west to reach the mountains. The highest you can drive is around 8400 feet above sea level at the site where the Mount Charleston Lodge was.

It burned down a couple of years ago which really sucks. Overcast and just 88 cool degrees are forecast for the valley today, a nice break but we need rain! These photos are the older, smaller size I used.

5 thoughts on “Into The Mountains, 2018

    • I saw the empty lot where the pub was, the cabins seemed to be open though. I hope it’s rebuilt! I’ll have to have a drive up there and check it out.

  1. 🙂 Those mountains look lonely. I am betting that they are ideal to go to when you want some peace and quiet.

    By the way, I love the scenic view and those photographs of yours are lovely.

    • Thanks very much, Renard! You are so kind. Other than an occasional passing car, it’s very quiet up there, more so when you get away from the roads on a short, easy as possible hike trail that I need. Medical stuff. It’s cool up there too, when it’s 100 degrees in the valley, it’s 70-85 degrees up there!

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