Yesterday’s Mountains

Just one photo this morning, I can’t seem to clean up my photos properly lately. Fuzzy photos. Partly cloudy and just 95 degrees for today which is nice. I have been having technical trouble lately which I haven’t found a solution for yet.

I can’t use the Like button on most of the sites I visit which sucks, and I have to constantly type in my name and this site’s web address into the comment box. Very annoying! I have had an online chat with those WordPress engineers, and even they don’t have a solution.

I also cleared all of the cookies from my browser. Nothing fixes this and I have zero ideas how this even started! Are you having difficulty using the Like button on your favorite sites too?

18 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Mountains

  1. Well that’s annoying. Hopefully the issue resolves itself quickly. I had an issue a few months ago where whenever I typed “l” in the comment box it would automatically like the most, but if I did it again, it would then unlike the post, and so on. Thankfully it was only for a few days and then it somehow fixed itself.

    • It’s been a mess now for several days, I really hope they get this fixed soon. I can’t Like of even comment on many blogs, and must continually log into my own blog! Grrr!!

  2. I have this happening with another blogger, nothing was changed on either one of our sites and all of a sudden some comments work and others don’t. Let me know if you discovered anything new about the problem.

    • It’s so ridiculous! Since I brought this up on other blogs I follow, it seems many of us are having different types of problems. I’m sick of having to constantly sign into my own site again and again just to post comments! The Like button is still unusable too this morning. Grrrr!!

  3. I have the same issue with commenting and not only have to sign in but have to use the same email I use for my WP account otherwise it doesn’t pick up my account. The like thing is something I have heard multiple bloggers complain about. It’s so annoying!

    • Wow, okay, thanks for telling me this, Pooja. I am not alone in my frustration! Very annoying to the point of ticking me off!

      • For my last post, my post isn’t showing up in the tags sections for the tags I used so I’m trying to deal with that. It’s just one thing after another with WP.

        • That’s BS. I still can’t use the Like button! And, I have to continually sign into my account to post comments! What has happened to WP???

          • Urghh so annoying. I have to sign in to comment too and it’s so frustrating. Plus, they’re refusing to admit there is an issue with my tags so I need to deal with that too. Have you been blocked from “liking” posts?

    • Ahh ha! So, perhaps it’s not my site? It’s pretty bad when one of thos WP happiness engineers can’t fix it!

      • It could be a number of things, but I have no idea what they are. WP has to take some responsibility, I would think, but it also could be something about the blog owner’s settings or our own settings.

        • Indeed, WP has some culpability here. I have gone through every setting in the Admin area, nothing has been changed… I am getting very frustrated with this crap. To the point that I want to just skip blogging, it’s supposed to be fun!

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