Colours and Gray Scales, 2018

Here are a few more photos from 2018 for ya. In my travels around WordPress today, I have found that way too many people here on WordPress are also dealing with the current meltdown that WordPress is having. Let us hope that those “happiness engineers” figure this damn mess out very soon.

I have been a total couch potato today, went to the grocer for a couple of items I missed when shopping the other day and bought some new test strips to test my blood glucose. Have you seen the TV commercials that talk about the Freestyle Libre glucose monitor that sticks on your skin?

You can get your numbers from your phone. Nah. People complain about the “pain” they feel when the lancet does its poking thing and boy do I bleed! That tiny 81 mg of baby aspirin every day makes your blood very thin which is the idea. It’s not painful, but more like a small sting.

Stop being so wimpy, people! And, take some money out of the pockets of the companies that made the Libre and other similar devices. It’s currently 102 degrees at my place, but 73 degrees indoor, so nice!

17 thoughts on “Colours and Gray Scales, 2018

  1. I love your collage! The greyscales are fascinating. I haven’t experienced problems with WP but one of my favorite photographers can’t leave a ‘like’ and finally just gave up on WP.

    • Thank you!! I can’t Like anything, and have to log in every time to make a comment. Some of my comments do not post! WP is a bloody mess right now.

      • This is the same thing that happened to my blogger friend, and he thought it was something he did wrong. He cleared his cache and changed his password and still no success. Seems something amiss with WordPress connecting with certain addresses.

  2. Way to reuse photos from 2018. You know, looking at them, I recognize some of them, I think we’ve been following each other for that long!

    Bummer about WP – I haven’t noticed anything yet…I hope you get it resolved soon.

    I think the continuous glucose monitor would be fun just to experiment with it to see the fluctuation caused by what we eat. I agree though – it’s expensive and mostly important for Type 1 diabetics. I’m glad to read you’ve found a solution to your testing. 🤗

    • Thanks, Shelley! Yes, we have been online friends for 4 or 5 years now! I hope WP fixes this crap soon, it’s a serious pain in the bum. I have to log in to my account to make comments every time, and can’t use the Like button at all. If I didn’t have so many friends here, I would move to a different blogging platform right now. The new test strips yielded much better numbers than the old round container of test strip this morning. Much much better numbers. I am a type 2 diabetic. Sucks!

      • Yes, we have, thanks for the blogging friendship!
        I hope WP fixes the issues too. I’ve been having to login a lot lately too…now that you mention it! Hmm.
        Glad the new test strips are better. They do go ‘bad’ with too much air/temp exposures.

        • I just found that out the hard way, oops. My glucose number was much better this morning with the new strips! I have had enough of this nonsense. I have to keep logging into my own site a few times a day and still can’t Like or comment on some blogs, it’s ridiculous!

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