I’ve Had Enough Of WordPress’ Crap

Over the last five days or so, I have had a lot of difficulties using not only my own blog but trying to comment and like on other blogs I follow.

I usually can not press the Like button on any site including my own. Also, I am asked constantly to fill out the form to be able to post a comment on other sites or to get into my own site again.

What the hell is going on, WordPress!! I am not the only one experiencing problems. I have contacted one of those happiness engineers as they call themselves, that person had zero clue about how to fix this. I am convinced that WP has some real culpability in this nonsense, will they ever fix it?

Are they trying to get people to leave WordPress? I suspect that that may have happened already. Are you as frustrated as I am? I don’t need the aggravation!

24 thoughts on “I’ve Had Enough Of WordPress’ Crap

    • You too, Derrick! WordPress is a serious mess right now, I hope they gt this repaired very soon as it’s so annoying! I have to continually log in to my account to leave comments, sometimes I can’t leave a comment and most of the time can’t use the Like button!

  1. I’ve had this problem time and again over the years. The only way I have found to ‘fix’ it John is to delete WP from my system and reload it. Stoopidity at its finest. Good luck.

    • That sucks man, do you mean delete your account and begin again? I won’t do that, I am just hoping that these people can straighten this out soon!

  2. I’m really sorry to hear you’re having such problems. I do enjoy your posts. I haven’t had that problem (yet) so I don’t know what to suggest.

    • That’s okay GP, I hope you aren’t affected. I have commented with so many other people here that are experiencing the same BS. WP needs to get this fixed!!

  3. Yikes! I haven’t experienced this lately but have in the past. Sometimes it happened only in one browser (MS Edge) but another (Chrome). Have you tried a different browser?

    • Hi Susanne, I use Firefox and do not care for the Safari browser the MacBook comes with. That browser is not set up for use at all but I suspect it wouldn’t help. This seems to be all on WordPress, they seriously need to fix this because I have found that so many other blogs here are all experiencing the same issues.

        • I’m a bit biased, the browser has worked very well for me for several years now. Give it a try, they have added new security features recently. I use a VPN on all of my devices too.

    • That happened to me this morning! It’s damn frustrating! I’m sorry that you too are having to deal with this. 🤬

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