A Hazy Las Vegas Valley

One photo which is looking north toward the Sheep Range shows how hazy it has been today. How about that rubbish and graffiti? Aren’t some humans so delightful! Some of you know that the horse and dog are at a local park with a newly completed dog park.

The horse is there because of the covered horse arena about one thousand feet away. The trail around Lone Mountain is heavily used during the cooler months and horses are allowed to use the trail too. Be aware of horse poop! I wonder if the city employees have to scoop the piles up… Fun.

13 thoughts on “A Hazy Las Vegas Valley

  1. Oof I don’t envy the person who has to clear all the horse poop but horses are beautiful so it must be nice to see them using the trail!

  2. How are you holding up? Still very hot in the valley? I’ve seen the devastation in Death Valley on the news..scary. I hope you have a great week.

    • That’s the name of the range, I think we see the southern end of it from the valley. The small mountains east of them that run east is called the Las Vegas Range.

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