A Great View Of Las Vegas

This video was recorded with my iPhone in 2019, I am heading for Michigan. The video is a bit long at 2 minutes, feel free to not watch the entire video but it shows the Vegas Strip and the city west of the Strip. My truck is in the shop now, there is a recall on the airbag on the left side of the cab. I grabbed the dealership shuttle and am back home now. I really don’t want to sit around the dealership for 3 or 4 hours!

8 thoughts on “A Great View Of Las Vegas

    • Hi Anneli, it’s huge! Around 2 million people live here. A huge change from my Michigan home in the woods!

        • I totally understand, Anneli. The county I lived in in Michigan had just 90K people! This place is crazy but I still like living here in spite of the idiot drivers and traffic. I have found the solution to the “can’t use the Like button” thing. I had an extensive chat with a WP engineer this morning. The problem is with my Firefox browser. When it recently updated, a privacy setting in the browser is responsible for the problems. All I need to do is click on the little shield in the address bar and disable the Privacy thing which is too aggressive. Solved! I’ll make a post on this today.

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