Sunrise 8.9.2022

This photo looks like the clouds have exploded and left a big mess up there! Cloudy and 100 degrees is the forecast for today but not one damn drop of rain will fall. The monsoon season basically crapped out again this summer. The drought continues. my truck is going into the shop today to have a Recall part installed at no charge. The part being replaced is an airbag on the left side of the cab. According to GM, the airbag could deploy for no reason which is scary stuff! Happy Tuesday folks! Click the pic.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise 8.9.2022

  1. I love cloud photos, especially when they are taken with the widescreen option you taught me! Hopefully those clouds will bring the right amount of rain. Stay well. Peace.

    • Thank you, Clay! It hasn’t rained a drop around my area of the valley today and the sun is shining. Great, but we need the rain so badly!

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