The Firefox Browser Is The Culprit!

This morning, I had a lengthy chat with one of those WordPress Happiness Engineers about the ongoing problems so many WordPress blogs are having. To make a long story short, when my Firefox browser did its usual automatic update, the privacy setting was different.

If you use Firefox and are having problems with using the Like button and even leaving a comment on your favorite blogs, try this: At the far left of the address window you should see a little shield. Click that, and you should get a popup with an option to turn off Enhanced Tracking Protection.

Turning that off fixes the problems, yet, I still must do this for every blog I visit which isn’t a problem at all. I hope whoever reads this and tries it will finally be able to use the Like button on other blogs. I took the photo this afternoon, it’s threatening rain but never rains which totally sucks!

9 thoughts on “The Firefox Browser Is The Culprit!

    • You are welcome, Rudi. It’s been much nicer checking in to my regular blogs this morning. I can comment and Like. 👍🏻

    • it’s so frustrating, isn’t it, Venus! I watched sooo many dark storm clouds roll over my place today but not one damn drop of H2O fell. Dammit!

    • Thank you so much, AnneMarie! Yes, you did dodge the bullet. The Safari browser is still on my MacBook, but I have never liked that one.

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