Another Gray Day

Yeah, it’s overcast and there is another flash flood warning up for areas south of Las Vegas. I hope the rain makes it up here from California. Things could be so much worse of course. I tried a different grocery store today but the same company and was pleasantly surprised. The store is larger, they carry all of the same products of course but they are in different locations in the store. They have the same very friendly employees too which means a lot to me. How has your weekend been so far?

How about those lovely fuel prices?

7 thoughts on “Another Gray Day

  1. That’s awesome you found a nice place to grocery shop. I hope it’s closer to you so the gas needed to get there doesn’t cost as much. We’re at 3.54 this weekend. Last week we had $3.49 for a day. Why for one day? Who knows!

    • Well, it’s obviously not always sunny here. Especially during the summer monsoons. Today’s sky looks like a typical Michigan sky! The gray sky makes me feel kind of blah too.

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