Last Night’s Sunset, Again

Here are a few more photos from last night’s very photogenic sunset. Nice! An overcast sky and 95 warm degrees are in store for Vegas today, I so hope that some rain will fall today. The big plan for today – is grocery shopping, what fun!

23 thoughts on “Last Night’s Sunset, Again

    • Thanks very much! I used the Nikon Z50 and a 200mm lens for these photos. It’s threatening rain again today but none has fallen which sucks! 😞

      • All good thanks for asking John. Bit crazy here my eldest daughter gets married in a couple of weeks so I haven’t been on here as much as I’d like. How’s life over there?

        • Your welcome! Congrats to the new couple! All is well here Vinny, it’s our monsoon season, there is a flash flood warning up again, we have on ongoing drought here that is really bad. So grateful for any rain we get!

  1. You get some magnificent sunsets out there in the desert. I hope that flood didn’t cause any long lasting damage.

    • Hi GP, thank you! No flooding at my place at all, the drainage in this subdivision is really good. I watch how the water moves during the big downpours.

        • Thanks, me too! There is one area on the side of my house that does flood. When I purchased the home in 2019, I had the entire backyard rebuilt from what it was – dirt. Pavers were added on either side of the house, they were dirt! Why? The guy who put in the pavers made a small dip in the pavers that I didn’t see until long after they were complete. During a good gully washer, that area ponds up. I have had to use the garage broom to push the water out through the opening in the block wall. Not a big deal since it’s rare…

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