6 thoughts on “Five Years Ago

    • Thanks so much, Shelley! I would have to drive over the pass at Mountain Springs on SR160 at Lovell Canyon Road to find out, but I would bet that the sign was replaced. People should not be doing any kind of shooting in that area whatsoever. That shotgun did a great job didn’t it! By the way, I was not able to comment on your post this morning. I kept getting a message about the server not finding the “proper resources”. I shut down my Nord VPN to be sure, it still gave the the same message, sorry.

      • Yeah, I agree, people should not be shooting at road signs anywhere! The shotgun did make a blast of holes!

        Hmm…Bluehost is where my blog is hosted, they’ve been having SOOOOOO many nationwide issues. I’m glad you let me know. If you don’t mind, please try a comment again to make sure it has been resolved. I did see that you liked the post, so that part worked :-).

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