Hydro Blow Over

This is basically what almost killed my father in 1968 when he was still racing. My mother put her foot down hard and demanded that he quit racing because of myself, my sister, and mom of course. He stopped. And I carry so many fun memories of his racing days. Treasured memories. Boat racing is a dangerous sport.

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    • It’s a very dangerous sport, Eugenia! I remember kneeling in the driver’s position when it was on the trailer. My left hand on the Dead Man’s Throttle, my other hand on the steering wheel. The small of the wood and the methanol fuel… Good memory for an 8 year old boy!

    • Thank you, Derrick. Dad is now 94 years young! I’m glad that the video played for you this time, none of the settings on my end have changed either.

  1. Wow. Glad your dad survived. Any form of speed sport was incedibly dangerous back then ( still is ). That was part of the attraction for competitors and some spectators i suppose. As a speed fan I can see the attraction.

    • Thank you, Ian! In his case, the boat did hit him which is what broke a rib and puntured the lung. So dangerous!

      • Similar thing happened to a race car driver mate of mine many years ago. He was trapped in the car thinking the rib might pierce his heart. Luckily he made a full recovery and still occassionally races. As they say, speed sport are dangerous. Glad your dad survived to tell the story, it must have been very scary.

        • I’m glad that your buddy survived, Ian! I could never forget the day my dad came home from the hospital, so wonderful! Anything speed is dangerous to our flimsy bodies including just driving to the store.

    • Thanks! I am so glad that my mom put her foot down hard. I sent this video to my dad a while back, he said yeah. That’s what happened. He came home from the hospital in Tennessee after several weeks since he broke a rib which punctured a lung. His nostrils were huge from the tubes. He was hiding behind a door, mom pulled the door back and there he stood. I was 8 years young. Wow. What a memory!

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