A Moist Day

It’s very moist in the valley this time of year and I am ready for it to go away! Not the heat, but the humidity that comes with the monsoon season. Walking into a sub shop and the bank today, it was hard to stop sweating. These photos are from this morning using my smallest lens which is the Nikkor 16-50mm lens. I will take this lens with me on the trip since it will fit into my little suitcase. Happy Monday!

6 thoughts on “A Moist Day

  1. I like the second one as well. I love the clouds, especially those in the near center that almost but not quite form an arrow as if drawing you in to look at the mountains.

    • Thanks!! That photo was taken on-the-fly too. Just use Auto mode instead of Manual, rotate the lens all the way out to 50mm and snap! 😬

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