11 thoughts on “The Big Ripoff

  1. Too many issues with electric cars! Where are they going to put the dead batteries – another toxic landfill! If the battery becomes too hot, they can catch fire. Currently, they are not affordable. I’m open minded about new inventions but electric cars have a long way to go before they are feasible.

  2. I’ve never really cared if people drove electric cars but I can’t see them ever being practical in Saskatchewan. I have always been concerned about the environmental impact of the batteries and lately I saw a show about massive tire dumps and how electric vehicle are making them worse. (Due to the weight of the batteries in electric vehicles, tires wear out much faster in electric vehicles.)

    • Well, I’m 61 and becoming a bit set in my ways I guess. Growing up in the auto industry in the late 60s through the late 90s kind of makes you rather biased!

    • It just doesn’t matter to me, Renard, there will never be an electric vehicle in my garage other than my eBike.

    • Oh heck noooooo! Electric cars are such a joke. A recent post here shows people with a small GAS powered generator in the trunk of the car just in case the batteries don’t get them home. Also, a photo shows one of those charging stations that is actually using a diesel generator to power the charger. It’s so incredibly hypocritical. 😂👎🏻

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