6 thoughts on “This Is Money Out Of My Pocket

  1. My biggy is people who litter. Like somebody should have to go around picking up after them. Our city ignores the streets and sidewalks but we have city workers constantly cleaning up city parks. 😧

    • That’s sad that the city officials ignore the trash! You would not be happy to see certain places around the city after one of our famous windstorms. Paper, plastic and everything else is blown against fences, caught in the corner of buildings and so on. What a mess!

      • Our windstorms are not that famous but we get a lot of wind so there is always litter piling up – especially in the spring. I clean off our front lawn every day.

        • Wow, daily rubbish removal from your own lawn, that’s awful! I get very little trash blowing into my front yard, it’s very tiny too.

    • Super dumb! I used to own handguns years ago and had a concealed carry permit, sold them all before moving down here. But, I never wanted to shoot signs, stupid!

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