Use Your Turn Signal!

I suppose that people not using their turn signals is a nationwide thing, but it seems to happen much more frequently here in Vegas. This is a huge peeve of mine because it’s very dangerous for me or anyone to have to guess what the intentions are of the other driver.

And, it’s illegal too of course but where are the police to hand a nice fat ticket to the offending driver? I have been driving for 45 years this year and have a perfect driving record, I must be doing something right! How about that mask as the American flag? 2020 pretty much sucked!

I have decided that I will wear a KN95 mask while I am on the aircraft, you just don’t know who around you may have covid. Life is rather scary these days, isn’t it? Wish me luck, folks! 👍🏻😂 The images are not mine.

18 thoughts on “Use Your Turn Signal!

  1. Same over here John. Even worse on our motorways when people swerve from lane to lane without even thinking about indicating. Sadly, there seems to be no law over here against stupid behaviour. But some idiot in our government is thinking of asking us to put number plates on bicycles and, I believe, have some kind of licence. We have a government which entirely comprised of idiots!

  2. My driving record is pretty good but I was held 75% responsible for an accident a few years ago. A guy had his right turn sygnal on, he slowed down and moved as close to the sidewalk to his right, as possible . (He was traveling south facing me). I was going north and went to turn west (in my own turning lane) and instead of turning, he booted the gas and drove straight ahead into me. Pretty sure he did it on purpose to total his car. Then he got all ignorant and started screaming at me. A dozen people stayed to give info to the police because he was such an ass. The policeman who came couldn’t do anything but give me a ticket for making an illegal lefthand turn. Pretty sure he eventually nailed the jerk for something else. 😂

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