I’m Back Home In The Desert!

And, it’s so good to be back home too. I am very tired from the trip and traveling today, a good night’s sleep is the remedy for that three-hour time difference too. I took 3.8G of photos with the Nikon and 1.5G of photos with the iPhone, so I took a crap load of photos. I hope that you will stick around for the next several days as I gradually upload the photos.

Please note that for privacy, I do not upload photos of my family. The Dream Crusie on Woodward Avenue in Detroit was an absolute blast, I have never seen so many badass cars in my life all in one place!

I had a wonderful day with my sister yesterday spending time on the boat on the lake that I grew up on in the 60s and 70s. Such a special time. It was so wonderful to see my daughter and her husband too. My son and I had time to connect on things that needed to be discussed, love that kid! More to come, please do stop by again!

9 thoughts on “I’m Back Home In The Desert!

  1. That’s great that you had a nice time connecting with family. And it’s always nice to come home too.

  2. My son prefers that I not share photos of him so you won’t see his face or at least not a close version. My dad wants me to share his so that I can say “x amount of folks loved your photo.” One good thing is that he has reconnected with old friends that way but I do understand your respect for your family’s privacy.

    • Thanks, Rebecca, it seems wrong to post them in this space or elsewhere. Respect! Good for your son, smart man.

    • Thanks! That is actually the couth branch of the Flint River. Mucky, crayfish and snapper turtles are in there, not a place for a swim. Ouch!

    • Hi!! You are exactly right, AnneMarie. It was a very busy and full visit, I am sooo tired tonight! I may sleep ten hours. Thanks for commenting!

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