Classic Pontiac Cars

These photos were taken from the car I was riding in during the Woodward Dream Cruise the other day. These cars are near and dear to my heart! The Firebird I remember from when I was a kid and too young to drive. The Trans Am is exactly the car I drove when I was in high school. great memories, fun days! I have several more photos from this wonderful day. There was a huge police presence there too of course.

12 thoughts on “Classic Pontiac Cars

    • Holy smokes, dude! It’s hard to believe that I drove that Trans Am in high school! A real car with real balls under the hood. Or, bonnet for you guys? I still remember what it felt like to have a 455CID engine under the hood… 🔥😎

      • I’ve only owned one V8, an older Land-Rover that had been converted. It was absolutely stonking in the bush, crawl anywhere with all that torque, but very expensive to run on the road. A real sleeper sitting at the lights 😉 I only had it a few months before turning it for a tidy profit.

  1. Love the TransAm. One of the first cars I drove was a ’76 cherry red Camaro. Four on the floor? My Dad drove it across Saskatchewan one time. Had it floored. 😂

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