11 thoughts on “The Rubbish People

  1. I feel like people are worse now than they used to be. We see more and more garbage along the road sides and different campgrounds where we camp. It’s really disgusting and I don’t understand why people are like that, unless they were raised like that. I certainly wasn’t! 😊

    • There ya go! Or, some words that aren’t fit for use here. 😂 I’ll never understand this crap, my folks raised my sister and I much better than this. 👍🏻

      • Both of my parents raised us to be more respectful anywhere we were but the BIGGY was Dad’s car. His cars were kept spotless. When I got out into the world, I couldn’t believe the trash, etc. some people had in their vehicles. Just disgusting! If our dash gets dusty, I can still imagine how disappointed Dad would be. 😞

        • Wow, I really appreciate how your dad was so neat and clean with his car. My truck is the same way, always as spotless as possible inside and out which is actually easy here where the roads are always clean and dry.

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