Late Summer In The City

Yeah, it’s still in the 90s but that will all change at some point next month which will be nice. I took these photos on the way to the grocery store this morning on Tenaya Avenue heading north. The distant mountain is 6000 Gass Peak. If you love mountains, Nevada has them in spades!

Getting Closer

Late this afternoon, I heard the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police chopper getting closer, then going around and around a specific area. I have seen this many times before which makes you think that there is something going down within the flight path of the chopper. I have taken photos of these great men and women before and posted them on this site somewhere in 7000+ posts. Go ahead, have a search!

Nikon Z50 with Nikkor 200mm lens.

Another Visit…

Another visit to my doctor’s office this morning for a follow-up on the blood panel. No worries, I will live! Great results. I snapped these photos along the way heading home this morning, another beautiful day in the valley! My dad’s home in Florida was not affected by hurricane Ian, thank God!

Stray Showers and 95 Degrees

That is the forecast for Las Vegas today and it did rain and thunder overnight which was nice. The big booms woke me up around two AM. I would much rather have this weather than what is happening to the entire state of Florida the last few days and the next several days. A family member has a home directly in the path of hurricane Ian. This home is on a canal that provides great access for the storm surge but I hope that the mangroves will help slow the surge down. Count your blessings, people. Happy Wednesday.