A Big Police Presence at The Dream Cruise

It’s no surprise that there were so many officers present at the Woodward Dream Cruise last month. Thousands of people and cars all crammed on a three-lane road heading north and south for many miles. Still, it was great fun to ride along in the backseat of a 1933 car! the Oakland County Sherif department had plenty of police bikes and the Michigan State Police were also keeping a watchful eye for drunken morons.

6 thoughts on “A Big Police Presence at The Dream Cruise

  1. We may need to borrow some of those officers. We had 10 fatalities and 15 serious injuries from a rampage on a native reserve and small town yesterday (the guys are still on the loose somewhere) and today they have gunshots on another reserve (unrelated). Haven’t caught those guys either. The first guys were supposedly seen in Regina later yesterday.

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