Data, Deer Blinds and Flowers

That nice deer blind has been in that same location for several years and is still used every November. I think those yellow flowers are Black-Eyed Susans? And, I moved the MacBook and SSD drives to the kitchen to finish the transfer from the old disc to the new disc. Done. I hope the cooler weather returns soon as I miss those daily twenty-mile bike rides.

6 thoughts on “Data, Deer Blinds and Flowers

    • Thanks so much, Bridgette! Wisconsin and Michigan seem to be very much alike in a few ways. I miss the green and the different atmosphere you could say as compared to Las Vegas, but never those bitter winters. It’s been 9 years since I experienced that cold. My dad is 94 and has always been an avid deer hunter who donates the meat to a company that feeds needy folks. God man!

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