Are you streaming your television programs? Did you know that there are over 300 streaming services today? Neither did I until I did some research on whether or not I should switch to streaming instead of my cable service today. Over 300? That’s ridiculous!

The consensus is that almost 50 percent of Americans are frustrated with seeing their programming being moved to a streaming service (like me) and having to have more than one subscription to view the programs they like the most.

There are two seasons of Star Trek: Picard that I have never seen because I simply haven’t wanted to take on the extra cost. My monthly cable bill is already ridiculously expensive!

So, in this way, these streaming companies competing for your paycheck are ripping you off either by moving programming to a streaming platform or by the consumer not wanting the extra monthly bill. I know that I have left out some important points and facts here but I think the point has been made.

I once again chose to keep my cable service which is bundled with a 300MB internet download speed. It’s all about the dollars and no sense!

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