The Strip, The Mountains and A Horse

These photos are from this morning, taken while I was testing a new radio I purchased the other day. What a beautiful day it is with sunshine and 85 degrees!

11 thoughts on “The Strip, The Mountains and A Horse

    • Hi! Thanks, Anne Marie. The photo does not tell the truth about the size of that mountain, it looks waaay larger in person! It is located on the north end of the valley and forms a part of the Las Vegas Range. Mountain love!

        • I don’t think there are mountains near your city? You would be uncomfortable driving in the nearby Spring Mountains, the roads up there are two-lane and have no guard rails in some places! Pay attention. 😂

          • No – there’s a BIG hill twenty miles north of here. I drove down it one time in son Dan’s Cutlass. I was going about 95 MILES per hour when I got to the bottom of it. Danny just looked at me and said “flying a bit low aren’t we?” 😂 He still let me keep driving to Saskatoon – about 2 1/2 hours from here. I have no idea why we were taking his car and I was driving.

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