8 thoughts on “I Sincerely Believe This!

    • Thanks! I didn’t write this but believe it completely. The country that I grew up in is almost gone and it is very disturbing and sad.

        • Well, being that you were probably not in a large city, the folks may still be friendly. It’s apples and oranges when I go home to Michigan where the folks are so much more friendly!

          • There are good people everywhere, but I don’t know if there is the same welcoming attitude to ‘outsiders’ in the States. And one cannot blame them, since 911 and the numerous mass shootings, random violence, pushback against globalism, and even Covid. It’s hard enough to trust people you know.

            • You make some very good points, Anne Marie. I find it difficult to trust people here, not meant to make me sound like I live in a bubble.

              Again, Michiganders are far more friendly than folks here. This country is crumbling and not the country I grew up in. Globalism is a farce, no thanks, “new world order”.

              Those electric cars are another farce that needs to go away. I could rant on but…

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