Bird Feeder Installed!

Today, I finally found a spot that I could dig out just enough to get the pole for the feeder installed. Almost a miracle considering how damn hard the ground is here in some places. Caliche’ is a factor too, but let’s see how long it takes a few birds to find the feeder which is about twenty feet from the birdbath and gets a fair amount of use. I drain and scrub the basin as needed and top it off daily, water evaporates fast here. Hopefully, I can get some photos. What is Caliche? Camera – Nikon Z50 with 16-50mm lens.

27 thoughts on “Bird Feeder Installed!

    • Thanks, Anita, its small and cute. I sent one of these to my sister back home, she’s a serious birder! Her license plate says Birder. 😂❤️

  1. I love your bird feeder! We only put sunflower seeds in our bird feeder because we don’t care if we get random sunflower plants popping up all over the yard. The other plants we can do without. 😊

    • I agree, Anneli! I sent one of the photos to my sister, she asked the same thing. I don’t think it will scare the birds off.

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