A Fire Truck and Spongebob

Everyone knows who Spongebob Square Pants is, right? I found the yellow golf ball last year and just put it on top of one of my Navajo pottery. Then, dump the photo into the iPad to add some effects. The other photo is of a mural on the side of a local school building. There were shadows on the left side that I removed. Someone has a great eye to create that fun painting! Sunny and 80 degrees just now at home.

6 thoughts on “A Fire Truck and Spongebob

    • Hi, Anne Marie, thank you!! Sponge Bob is very different from the cartoons I grew up with. I still like seeing the old cartoons like Tom and Jerry and much more. They were truly funny and perhaps much less political than today’s cartoons. Sad.

      • I don’t remember watching cartoons that much as a kid, a few as a Mother, COUNTLESS as a Grandma. Half the time, I need a two year old to explain them to me. 😂

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