The Rat Pack Has Taken Over

And, I do not mean the rat pack that once roamed the Las Vegas Strip of course! These Rock Pigeons have taken over the feeder as the photos clearly show. I watched them for a while on and off this afternoon. They have effectively driven off the smaller birds that I wanted to attract to this small feeder. Of course, the pigeons need to eat too but not like this. Bummer… These photos are not altered.

15 thoughts on “The Rat Pack Has Taken Over

    • Hi, Rudi, I knew the pigeons would be around but not this many. They are gone now because the food has been removed. Flying rats!

  1. It’s to bad Bird Feeders can’t be Pigeon Proof or can they? There has got to be something you can put around it or on it that Pigeons don’t like and other birds do.

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