Bird Feeder Experiment: Terminated

Thanks very little to those damned pigeons which I knew would come but didn’t know that they would try to feed from the tiny feeder and come in such numbers, the bird feeder is gone and won’t return.

I can hang something else on that pole. Pigeons are a real problem around Las Vegas, they are flying rats that can damage your property and cover it with copious quantities of shit too. Thanks for nothing, you airborne rats! They are already so fat, I’m not gonna add to their obesity. 😂

14 thoughts on “Bird Feeder Experiment: Terminated

    • I see, a bird feeder just doesn’t work well in some instances. Squirrels are rodents but people sure love them. They can do real damage to your home too, no thanks! They used to get into the attic in my folks’ place, you have to find the entrances and close them up.

    • Thanks, Rudi, I didn’t want to take it down but those pigeons are a serious problem everywhere in this city. I’ll hang something else on the pole.

    • It’s awful for the small birds, too bad for the plump pigeons! I won’t have pigeons roosting on my roof and pooping on everything, nasty birds.

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